Is “Forcible Rape” Redundant?

January 30, 2011 0

Recently,’s Jim Newell wrote a controversial piece about the House Republicans entitled, House Republicans Are Already Redefining ‘Rape’.   Here’s a picture of Newell who joined in May of last year.  I couldn’t really […]

When Marriage was a Felony: One Woman’s Fight

January 18, 2011 0

On June 2nd, 1958, Mildred Dolores Jeter married her longtime sweetheart Richard Perry Loving in Washington, D.C. She was just 18 and pregnant with their first child. Five weeks after the wedding, on July 14th, […]

This is the Saddest Photo I have Ever Seen

January 13, 2011 0

I think this is about the saddest picture I have ever seen.   The masked woman is apparently telling her story to a studio audience in Kabul, Afghanistan, while being taped for a television program […]

America! Let’s Take it Down a Notch!

September 28, 2010 0

Yes, I’m stealing John Stewart’s plea to restore sanity.   Pop Star Katy Perry performed her hit song “Hot and Cold” during a taping of Sesame Street last week, wearing a dress that some felt was […]

Are Burqas Just Another Form of Peeping?

September 15, 2010 0

Belgium’s liberal MP, Daniel Bacquelaine, is a leading force in his country’s movement to ban women wearing burqas, “We cannot allow someone to claim the right to look at others without being seen.” To date, […]

Women in the Board Room

July 20, 2010 0

Why do people always refer to Norway as “progressive?”  I would almost call them “backward” or “impulsive.  ” In 2006, the Norwegian government imposed a law that would require “State-owned companies are already obliged to […]

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