National Organization NOT For WOMEN Calls on Brown to FIRE Staffer

GIRLFRIENDS Protesting NOW's Endorsement of Jerry Brown

The National Organization NOT For Women called on California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown to fire “any campaign aide who uses the word whore, as one of his aides did recently.

According to the Associated Press, NOW President Terry O’Neill also criticized Brown for seeming to justify the comment as “private banter that typically happens in a campaign.”.

“The word should not be used in political discourse; it shouldn’t be there,” O’Neill said.  Good for NOW President O’Neill for at least appearing to care about how women are treated by the male political counterparts (see Harry Reid Hottie story).  In fact, O’Neill’s statement was aimed right at Brown and his camp saying, “NOW calls on Brown to fire any member of his staff who uses this word or any hate speech against women.”

Hate Speech…Touché Ms. O’Neill.  Do not let those good ol’ boy political insiders toss around archaic words when discussing any woman, much less an opponent.

What?  It’s not Hate Speech?  You didn’t know all the facts?  Ok, wait a minute and…what…you meant both Brown’s and Whitman’s staffs shouldn’t use that word.

Ok, but at least you think the “inner circle” staffer should be fired.  Pretty bold considering the staffer is close to Brown, but good for you for standing up and making a statement.

I’m sorry, what are you saying, you don’t think Brown should fire the “inner circle” staffer?  But a few hours ago…it’s a teaching moment?  As the President of the National Organization NOT for WOMEN you think women haven’t learned enough about how we have endured ridicule and humiliation when trying to break into male-dominated careers.  Look up Madame Curie, recipient of TWO Nobel Prizes and you’ll see that even she was insinuated to be a “whore” because she was involved with a man separated from his wife.  The smartest woman of our time was whittled down to a “whore” as was other notable women.

You think in 2010, we still need to be taught the underpinnings of sexism.  I’m not sure how you can even walk Ms. O’Neill.  It appears as if your backbone is gone.   I am taking my name back from you-“woman, because you do not have the strength or integrity to possess it and care for it any longer.  Consider yourself fired by one of the very gender that you claim to represent. And do something with California’s NOW president  Patricia Bellasalma who apparently has a special relationship with Brown.

“Brown’s campaign referred calls to California NOW president Patricia Bellasalma.”  Really?  She’s taking press calls for Brown now.  And what the hell does, her statement to AP mean “Pretty soon we won’t even be able to use ‘capitulate’ or ‘prostrate’ because somehow there’s an implication that women can’t sell themselves politically,” Bellasalma said in a telephone interview.”

Women certainly aren’t “selling themselves” to the National Organization NOT for Women.

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