Dying with Dignity is Living

October 20, 2014 0

Why is it considered undignified to die of natural causes, after fighting to live, just a little longer? I will never understand the rush to death. In the end, it is just that, the end. […]

What Really Happened to Renisha McBride

November 9, 2013 0

Close your eyes and imagine that one week ago today you got the call that your beautiful, sweet daughter had been shot in the face. She’s dead. It is the nightmare from which no parent ever awakes. […]

Bullet Rosary – This is What We’ve Become

May 7, 2013 0

If you weren’t sure how insidious America’s gun culture has become, take a look at what St. Mark’s Catholic School is auctioning off on BiddingforGood.com: Yes, it is a bullet rosary being sold at a […]

Sorority Girl Rant to 45 Senators

April 28, 2013 0

I’m not familiar with the sailor mouth genre of writing, but it seems to pique people’s interest more so than an intelligently worded, fact-based post that typically goes unnoticed. […]

Why Did it Take Women to Bring Down Sandusky?

November 2, 2012 0

When women see Joe Paterno, they see a football coach.  Apparently, when the Penn State campus police, the Penn State Athletic Director, its President and a graduate assistant see him, they see legend.  Or at […]

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