She was dumped like trash in the outdoor prison yard

Take a good look at Marcia Powell’s face; look at her eyes. She never knew her mother or father and at the age of 14 ran away from her adoptive home and spent the next 43 years on the streets, in and out of jail, on drugs and surviving (if you call it that) by prostituting herself. She was diagnosed as mentally ill and they “tried” drugs on her.

On May 19th of last year, she reportedly told the prison psychologist that she felt suicidal. She was dumped like trash in the outdoor prison yard, surrounded by a chain link fence referred to by prisoners as a “cage”, without shade and allegedly refused water for four hours in 107 degree heat awaiting transportation to the psychiatric unit. Her difficult life ended there alone. Her core body temperature at death was 108 degrees, she had second and third degree burns on her body and blistering on her skin.

On Wednesday, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office announced it would not to prosecute anyone for her death. – Remembering Marcia Powell