I see humans, but no humanity.

March 6, 2016 0

You can’t regulate kindness or institute an empathy rule. I know that now. For the past five months, I’ve seen many humans, but so little humanity. Worse, cruelty is openly exacted on the broken souls who […]

"Unbought and Unbossed" – The Story of Shirley Chisholm

November 25, 2015 0

She hired only women in her congressional office, 50% were white. She once said, “Tremendous amounts of talent are lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.” In 1972, she became the first women to run for the Democratic presidential nomination against George McGovern. She had a diverse base, but knew she would most likely lose. She didn’t do it to win the presidential election. “Chisholm said she ran for the office “in spite of hopeless odds… to demonstrate the sheer will and refusal to accept the status quo.”‘ […]

Before Rosa, There was Ida

July 16, 2015 0

“I refused, saying that the forward car was a smoker, and as I was in the ladies’ car, I proposed to stay. . . [The conductor] tried to drag me out of the seat, but the moment he caught hold of my arm I fastened my teeth in the back of his hand. I had braced my feet against the seat in front and was holding to the back……” He…and another man succeeded in dragging me out.” – Ida B. Wells 1884 […]

Carli Lloyd Answers the Tough Questions

July 6, 2015 0

You can’t rely on talent alone. I had talent, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without hard work. I train a lot, probably more than most people. I am always being a professional around the clock. It is important to be dedicated. It takes a lot of sacrifice to get where I am. […]

Stealing South Dakota: The Attorney General – Part II

June 24, 2015 0

Jackley’s assertion that Morgan and Bosworth’s actions were the same left many uncomfortable.

Butch Morgan was the former chairman of St. Joseph County’s Democratic Party who, “allegedly gave orders that others followed out of a fear that they would lose their jobs. […]

Another Woman Arrested in South Dakota

June 12, 2015 0

I’m pretty sure that South Dakota is part of the United States, but if they seceded and I just missed that, I will apologize. For now, all I see is a state that refuses to […]

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