South Dakota Secretary of State Says Nominating Petitions CANNOT Be Sold for Commercial Use


Today, South Dakota’s Secretary of State, Shantel Krebs, stated that while nominating petitions are public documents, they CANNOT be sold for commercial use.


It is a public document. The only limitation would be that you cannot sell the list for commercial use.

Shantel Krebs
Who will be charged, SOS Gant for selling them for commercial use or Heidelberger, who used and continue to use the Bosworth petitions for commercial use. He has certainty referred to himself as the press and it was used on his commercial site, gain more traffic, more attention, etc.

Heidelberger incited his followers to investigate individual voters and crowdsourced to find inconsistencies. In fact, the petitions are still up on the commercials site.

South Dakota Attorney General accepted an affidavit with information obtained illegally.
We’ll keep you posted.