Shameful South Dakotans Make Fun of Politician’s Son

Sometimes, I don’t understand the rage people show on social media accounts for people they don’t know. The is a blog run by a former high school teacher who was fired for verbally abusing a student. To date, no one in South Dakota has spoken out against Cory Heidelberger or his commenters. In fact, he is often quoted in the local press as if he is legitimate. Heidelberger called this boy’s mother a “fake Senate candidate” from the beginning. He posted the boy on his blog and when the boy goes to college, they will search his social media footprint and find this horrible example of human indignity portrayed by the Madville Times owner and followers. I’ve blacked out this boy’s face and name.



55 Responses to “Bosworth Broke, Trying to Leave Country”

  • joseph g thompson

    absolutely sad. She is most definitely worse than just an ordinary scammer. Kids and GIs, cant get any lower than using them to raise money for yourself.

  • owen reitzel

    Incredible!! That’s all I can say.
    For once I agree with you Mr. Thompson. You can’t get any lower then that.

  • Bree S.

    Ironic that she wants to go to the Philippines I suppose.

  • Cait C.

    Perhaps someone should alert the F.B.I., although I assume the U.S. is able to extradite from the Phillipines.

  • Sid

    Interesting how Benda, Bollen and now Bosworth all have these ties to the Phillipines…Maybe someone should take some time for a hard look at PHS as well as the campaign. Of course, if she promises to never come back, might be worth a donation.

  • owen reitzel

    $2000 for a plane ticket? Round trip I’ll assume.
    How about $1000 for a one-way ticket?

  • Taunia

    “My mom is totally out of her mind. I’m tired of having no home while watching other kids go to their nice warm homes.

    See this snow? I’m tired of being cold. Please help me raise $2,000 to get my mom out of the country so I can talk to child services. That would be a great birthday present.”

  • wal there are many entities like this that fly Dr’s to the locations where they are needed at zero cost to the Dr. What on earth is she going to do………show up and say “I’m here?” She needs to have proper documents and be associated/affiliated with an entity or best I can see it is a vacation.

  • Nick Nemec

    She and her hubby are grifters and now they are teaching the second generation. It’s really pathetic.

  • Joan Brown

    I have a niece that is a doctor and you don’t see her wanting to leave her husband and three kids to go to the Philippines. She is also a person that when she was in medical school spent summers doing medical missionary work in different countries. She spent time in Siberia, and a couple other countries. She also had to raise money for her expenses, nothing was furnished. She did get help from the church she and her family attended, and did other fund raising things in order to go.

  • Bree S.

    Maybe she’s not going. $2,000 is the refund cost of the two raffle ticket holders who have stepped forward. Or maybe she needs the money for a retainer fee.

  • Bree S.

    Yeah, she’s getting sued by everyone. I bet its for the lawyer.

  • Joe

    I just don’t get her. If you want to run a non-profit do that, if you want to be a con-artist do that, but don’t do it while running for public office, with young kids.

  • Nick Nemec

    Sadly you are probably right Bree.

    What I want to know is why she doesn’t just go to work and make the hubby get a job. She’s a doctor for gosh sakes, surely she has the ability to pull down a 6 figure income and Chad could get a job as a greeter at Walmart.

  • Cranky Old Dude

    Bree: exactly what I was thinking. Nothing else about this bunch is what it seems or is supposed to be, so why would this be any different?

    They seem to be expert at making money disappear-wonder why they can’t do the same for themselves without shilling for handouts.

  • Bree S.

    Probably can’t get hired due to whatever’s in those Medicaid records the state is refusing to release without legal reason to that records depository in Florida.

  • TG

    Almost speechless. I can handle or laugh off about everything else but not when kids are involved. Beside myself right now.

  • Deb Geelsdottir

    I am shocked! Shocked I say! That DWC has no mention of this! Shocked!

  • interested party

    Kristi Noem’s grandma and children have been victims, too.

  • Dave Baumeister

    From this it is obvious that Prescott cares more about his family than his father does. Chad (who will no doubt be reading this), I told you before that I was disappointed in the man you had become. That isn’t really true. I am ASHAMED of the man you have become. Just get a frickin’ job and teach your sons what it means to be men and support a family.

  • Jenny

    Annette Bosworth makes Michele Bachmann look very sane.

  • Rorschach

    How is it that young X has a ticket and his mother doesn’t? If mom doesn’t get a donation does that mean X goes alone?

    I have nothing against helping the less fortunate anywhere in the world. But maybe she should have sent the medicine (if there really is any) and used the money spent on X ticket to pay her employees or the scammed raffle victims. X can give up his 14th birthday instead of his 13th birthday after his parents take care of their obligations right here.

  • susan carter

    Are fraudulent raffles the new fund-raising scam of the GOP? Sue Wallis, Rep. from WY, pulled the same scam.

  • Bree S.

    She’s not a Republican. She’s probably not a liberal Democrat either. Whatever she does she does for attention – whether it’s putting on a Che shirt or waving guns and Bibles around.

  • Deb Geelsdottir

    I dunno Jenny. It’s awfully hard to make our MN girl Bachmann to look sane. Bosworth is definitely giving Bachmann a run for her money. Do you think these 2 Bs and Palin all play from the same book?

    (Note that the last names begin with B.)

  • caheidelberger

    This pitch isn’t a new tactic for Annette and Chad. In May, they used their son Walker’s birthday to raise $1000 for clean water in Haiti. I eagerly await PHS’s release of its 2013 budget and expenses to show how it spent those donations.

  • WR Old Guy

    Maybe she needs the money to buy a seat for cardboard Mike Rounds to accompany her.

  • Jenny

    Deb, I thought you’d find this interesting.
    The FBI has sure been busy this Fall investigating conservative family value politicians in SD and now in MN’s notorious ultra-conservative district of Bachmann. Bosworth needs to take advice from Bachmann and drop out of politics to concentrate on her scandals.

  • Kristi

    Zero class, Bosworth.

  • Elizabeth

    Not her kids. Not her kids. No.

  • Deb Geelsdottir

    Thanks for the link, Jenny.

    It seems to me that more Republicans are investigated than Democrats, but that’s not based on anything other than my hunch. The problem they have is that each investigation of a hard right, bible-banger lays bare a high level of hypocrisy that Democrat don’t face.

    It makes me wonder if those politicians are really religious folk, or are their professions of faith mere political expedience? Sure doesn’t look good for them.

    Those of you who support politicians based, at least in part, on their religion; How do you decide to trust that they’re being honest about their faith?

  • nonjudgemental citizen

    I would love if everyone would stop judging others.this site literally makes me sick. You have NO idea the people she has helped and the hell she has gone through. Yes this trip IS legite…she was ASKED to go ANd yes the supplies are ready to go but bc of your BS the people in the Phillipines are suffering and the funding went away. YOU all should be ashamed of yourselves…but you know what… just keep on judging. That will get you far. Sense the sarcasm.

  • Roger Cornelius

    Just what have the Phillipine people done to deserve this?

    I have seen a lot of lows in American politics, but this is a new low.

    Bosworth has demonstrated time and again she cannot be trusted with other peoples money.

  • Joe


    It might be very legit trip. And I’m sure she has gone through some stuff (we all have). But the normal American wouldn’t be running for Senate and having their kids beg for money to do this. All while having issues with your non-profit locally.

    IF you want to run a non-profit, go be a doctor and save the world do that, but she isn’t, her non-profit doesn’t pay people, ran a scam of a raffle, and now she claims to need money to go to the Phillipines. She financed a personal trip to Alaska with her family while she was claiming to live in an RV. Her financial records show she has spent thousands of personal funds on her campaign.

    There is a saying, get your house in order before you start claiming to be able to fix other houses. Well get your personal house in order before trying to run a non-profit, and get your non-profit in order before you try to sell me on being a Senator.

  • TG

    Nonjudgemental – all of this just today because of this blog??? “bc of your BS the people in the Phillipines are suffering and the funding went away”

    And I feel for all that are suffering but I don’t think it’s a result of this blog that they’re suffering. And how do you know it’s legit and why isn’t the group organizing paying the doctors’ airfares? Typically it’s the expertise they’re in need of, not a seat on an airplane.

    Can you provide more detail?

  • Bree S.

    Nonjudgmental.. the funding went away? Excellent. Notice the lack of sympathy. I will reserve my sympathy for the people she has scammed out of money.

  • Dave Baumeister

    Nonjudgemental (AKA Chad Haber?), The point here is not about the blog, it is that people don’t trust Annette Bosworth anymore. At one time, I believed all of those things you wrote about her, but not anymore. And it is amazing how many former friends and patients have contacted me saying the same thing: THEY DON’T TRUST HER, EITHER (or you, if this, indeed, was written by who I think it was written by). No fault of this blog. Frankly (sorry Cory), not a lot of people have their opinions swayed by blogs.

  • caheidelberger

    How do we know this trip is legit? I have seen no other publicity about the trip. Bosworth’s website says nothing about it. Potential donors have only the brief word of an exploited child on how the money will be used. Responsible citizens have every right to ask questions about how their donations will be used before writing a check, especially given the questionable financial behavior Bosworth has demonstrated with her raffles and her payroll. One must use judgment to manage one’s money.

    Nonjudgmental citizens and their money are soon parted.

  • Mark

    Aren’t legitimate charities registered w/ entities such as the BBB or if domiciled in SD, w/ the SOS?

  • caheidelberger

    Mark, Preventive Health Strategies is registered with the SOS as a non-profit. Its officers are president Chad Haber, secretary John Williams, treasurer Shawn Poe, and VP Michael St. Villian (spelled elsewhere Vilien). The latter’s address is listed as PHS’s Tea P.O. box, even though St. Vilien lives in Haiti.

    PHS is also registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3.

  • Rick

    Okay. I think she’s legit on going to the Philippines to help. She did it in Haiti. But the political twist is she thinks it will add value to her candidacy.

    Okay. It doesn’t always have to make sense. This is crazytown. Think of it as a political version of Münchausen syndrome by proxy.

  • caheidelberger

    Rick, a legitimate non-profit would have its poop in a group on publicity. Its president and/or executive director would be out lining up media, organizing events, sending out letters to regular donors, doing something more than one amateurish online pitch to raise awareness and make things happen.

  • Jim

    A Nut Bosworth.

  • Rick

    Agreed, Cory. She’s not organized. I wasn’t calling her alleged nonprofit legit. She’s on a vision quest and logic appears to have nothing to do with it. She seems obsessed with appearing to be seen in her white coat rendering medical care to people in crisis. Politics gives her a new avenue to grab the attention she craves: “Münchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP or MBP) is a controversial term that is used to describe a behavior pattern in which a caregiver deliberately exaggerates, fabricates, and/or induces physical, psychological, behavioral, and/or mental health problems in those who are in their care.”

  • TG

    You mean like even her kids for this part? “induces physical, psychological, behavioral, and/or mental health problems in those who are in their care”

    And why would she have to pick up her own plane ticket? And why does a 13 year old have to be exploited to get money for it?

    I didn’t see if it shows how much is being contributed but is there a new total?

    Very sad to me.

  • chris

    This fundraising plea would be much more effective if the video had some music playing in the background.

    (Maybe Cypress Hill?)

  • CD

    Nope, still $50.

  • dale b

    I think this would present an interesting opportunity, maybe theres a way we could chip in and track where the money goes, to see what they actually do with the money. Like if we donate to a local non-profit which in turn, using the media, donate it to her. I pledge 50 twords this idea

  • caheidelberger

    Dale, we can get some transparency from PHS’s 990 forms. But PHS doesn’t give much more accurate detail on its 2011 form than it does on Bosworth’s financial disclosure form. We can’t even be sure they are doing their papers correctly. Our best option is for people to ask her and her husband questions, demand public answers, and compare those answers to make sure they remain consistent. We also need to contact the people they work with overseas to see how they use their money.

  • grainofsalt

    Dave Baumeister, Do you have any idea if Chad Haber actually built the clinic and school in Haiti (on land given them by Haitians) with $$$ his father gave him right before he died in Feb 2013? During Denton Habers funeral, Chad said his dad told him that he (Chad) was to buy a one way ticket to Haiti and stay there until the clinic and school were built. This was their “Vision”. Chad posted the whole thing online. It was Gods will. I’m just wondering if God changed his mind or if there is actually a clinic and school on land PHS owns in Haiti?

  • caheidelberger

    Therein lies a problem. Trying to track down leads, documents, and public records in Haiti is crazy. The country is a shambles. Bribery and corruption are the normal course of business. Discussions with local sources turn quickly to quid pro quo for information (jobs, immigration help, etc.). It would take serious bank to independently investigate the status of PHS’s actual holdings and projects in Haiti.

  • Dave Baumeister

    At this point, I don’t know if anything I was ever told was accurate, legitimate or truthful. At one time I had seen plans for the school. Land had supposedly been given to them, but I tend to doubt the veracity of that. I was told they had to raise about 1% of the cost of 20 acres of ocean-front land for what they made sound like a government kick-back, but I always positioned that as “closing costs.” But Chad never seemed interested when I wanted to get the word out to raise the funds. If all was legit, it would have been an easy sell. That was the first time (last March) when I started to wonder about what was going on. It was just about a month later that he told me about the Senate run, and I never heard the word “Haiti” again.


    Did anyone notice that there was an ANONYMOUS $15,000 donation made to X Haber’s crowdrise fundraiser??? That’s $13,000 more than the goal, and I’m pretty sure it was after the trip… What’s up with that?

    I smell something fishy…

  • grudznick

    There’s a blogging on a website that says there was an anonymous $15,000.00 donation to young Mr. Haber.

    There is a lot of French math all over the internet. I am new to these bloggings but old enough to know that just because it says something on a piece of paper doesn’t mean it is true. I submit to you Mr. Nelson’s score cards as an example. Also, Obamacare as example 2. Further, Mr. Heidepriem’s goofy claims as example 3.


    ^^^grudznick – If you could send me a link to that blog post, I’d really appreciate it!