I see humans, but no humanity.

You can’t regulate kindness or institute an empathy rule. I know that now. For the past five months, I’ve seen many humans, but so little humanity. Worse, cruelty is openly exacted on the broken souls who have endured unimaginable pain, pain that could only be described by those barely hanging on as monsters among us pick at the wounds already rubbed raw from the guilt and unrelenting sadness that defines the shattered that silently walk among us.

I can imagine no greater loss than my child dying suddenly, tragically without warning. The daughter once held within my womb, beloved. The unrelenting emptiness.

Rebecca Steeprow died on March 10, 2013. Her blood alcohol was .02 and her cell phone was in her purse, but on Twitter several users including Valley Falls, Kansas Mayor Charlie Stutesman participate in a “lulz” an exercise with get a rise out of victims. The Tweet above is from Stutesman, for no reason other than to attack Rebecca’s mother just days before the anniversary of her daughter’s death.




For what? I don’t know, but many of those who are participating is this horrific harassment are your neighbors, maybe your friends. The cruelty oversteps even the most savage of bullies, and these are adults – professionals. Stutesman is the mayor of a small town. His wife is a teacher. He openly discusses his niece and nephew. Why would he and others engage in this kind of mental torture?




Sock accounts like Snarkhivist claim actual evidence of drunk driving, but the State Patrol only speculated on the outset. Rebecca’s autopsy showed her blood alcohol was must .02.



@GranTweets2 manages several abusive accounts on Twitter as well as Stutesman. She apparently is a grandmother and a constant “wing man” to Stutesman. Do you know her? Post her name below. She has asked that we get it right.





Steeprow’s car was a Jetta. Kathleen created a memorial using a frog statute.




Below are follwers of the account.