Nobody Puts a Gator in a Corner #GatorNation

Nan_Rich_Senate_portraitThis public service announcement goes out to all my fellow Gators with a plea of support for another fellow Gator, Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Nan Rich. Why the plea? Simple. Our fellow Gator has proven herself as an experienced political leader. She served eight years in the Florida Senate and four years in the Florida House of Representatives. She was the first-ever woman Senate Minority leader in the State of Florida and termed out, based on Florida law in 2012. With more passion and energy to given, she declared her candidacy for Florida Governor in 2012, earning an endorsement from former Florida Governor Buddy Mackay.

That would be the perfect end to a story about a hardworking woman who struggled and sacrificed on her way up the political ladder in order to serve the people in Florida, that is until something better came along.

Charlie Crist is that “something better,” and up until December 2012, he was a Republican. He even served as the Governor of Florida from 2007-2011 as a Republican. Crist served in four different offices in the State of Florida, each time signing on to run for another office before he had even fulfilled the obligation of the one he was elected to:

  • Florida State Senate – 1993 to 1999
    Future Gators that need for Nan Rich and all women to be valued.
    Future Gators that need for Nan Rich and all women to be valued.
    • ¬†Unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate 1998
  • Florida Education Commissioner – 2001 to 2003
    • Florida Attorney General 2003 to 2007
  • Governor of Florida -2007 to 2011
    • Unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate 2010
  • Changes to Independent – 2010 to 2012
  • Changes to Democrat 2012 to present

Frankly, Crist’s politics aren’t the biggest issue right now. What really stinks in Florida is the fact that the ENTIRE Democratic party have turned their backs on Rich – no support, no funds, no acknowledgment.

Talk about being devalued. [Sorry, but I need to shout] WOMEN WHO SAY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOES MORE FOR WOMEN NEED TO LOOK AT THIS STORY AND THE FACTS!!! The “War on Women” is coming from both sides and this is a BLATANT and OPEN disregard for a woman who is AS respected and MORE experienced in her party’s politics than the person they are openly supporting. (I’m a registered Republican and even I can see what a slap in the face this is to all women in the state). Put politics aside and be a Gator! Don’t let the Democrats dismiss our fellow Gator.

The final kick in the gut comes from¬† Political Action Committee EMILY’s List, who sent out an email blast recently asking voters to support women gubernatorial candidates across the country. Notably absent? You guessed it – Nan Rich was not on the list.

Now Crist is refusing to debate her, a move that would give Rich more attention and name recognition. Can the Gator Nation right this wrong? As a Gator, I’m going to do my part telling all my Gator friends and family. So pass it on, Girlfriends and Gators!! Don’t let this injustice go unnoticed!

Let’s show how powerful we are as a team! [cue “We are the boys (and girls) from Old Florida”]