Whose High Heels Are Dancing on My Ceiling?

March 28, 2014 0

For the past several years, I can’t help but notice a faint sound of tapping over my head. It’s not exactly loud enough to be sure of its location or even what it is exactly, but I’m almost convinced it’s the sound of high heels tap dancing on the glass ceiling above my head…only I’m pretty sure whoever is up there has put down a hardwood floor on top of the glass ceiling to secure it in place. […]

Rewriting History: Freeing Stagecoach Mary

March 23, 2014 0

Mary’s story could be told in her photo. From the beginning, I just couldn’t reconcile the heartbreak in her face with the story posted, nor did it fit with the way women or African-Americans were treated in the lat 1800s. […]

Bully vomit can stick forever

March 9, 2014 0

“I have talked to 80-year-olds who remember the name of the person who tormented them in school, and the name of the child who stood up for them in first grade. This is pain that […]