Whose High Heels Are Dancing on My Ceiling?

For the past several years, I can’t help but notice a faint sound of tapping over my head. It’s not exactly loud enough to be sure of its location or even what it is exactly, but I’m almost convinced it’s the sound of high heels tap dancing on the glass ceiling above my head…only I’m pretty sure whoever is up there has put down a hardwood floor on top of the glass ceilinhillary clinton for presidentg to secure it in place.

Back in February, The Clinton Foundation announced a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of the ““No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project,” meant to use a “data and an evidence-based approach to advance global progress for women and girls.” Using the #noceilings hashtag brought in a lot of interest, but the purpose of the program was to review the greater UN global women and girls’ initiative, women who are lucky to have a real physical ceiling over their head, let alone the proverbial professional one, but since the Clinton Foundation decided to use that hashtag, I wonder how true they will be to their initiative in terms of holding people, businesses and organizations they work with to higher “no ceilings” standards.

For instance… EMILY’s List has made no secret of their undying love for Hillary Clinton and their desire to see her run for President. But EMILY’s List staff recently spit on the GIRLFRIEND CODE when they chose to turn a blind eye to Florida Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich, LEAVING HER OFF THEIR LIST ENTIRELY, allegedly because a large financial donor to EMILY’s List either encouraged, demanded or expected them to do so in exchange for a large donation. Clearly, these are just rumors, but there is no denying that keeping Rich off of EMILY’s List is calculated. Florida is a key state.

Did  a top EMILY’s List financial supporter ask them to? More importantly, Will Hillary give EMILY’s List the cold shoulder when we lose Florida and worse, we lose a very capable woman public servant. Will she stand for women and #noceilings as she professes? Why is EMILY’s List ignoring Rich? Read my post here on Sheownsit.com and let me know what you think.