GIRLFRIEND OF THE WEEK: Mary Ragan – Seamstress, Mother, Housekeeper, Clerk

The Orlando Sentinel wrote a story about Mary Ragan. It would serve as her obituary. She may not have ever earned an MTV award or cohosted on The View, but she was a giant among women, According to the story, Ragan divorced her steelworker husband in 1970, moved to Florida and became a seamstress for Walt Disney World.

 “Even while at Disney, she worked second jobs — cleaning motel rooms or clerking at gas stations and tourist shops. When she got home, she hemmed skirts and sewed wedding dresses, irritating her children because the sewing machine caused static on the television.”

Her daughter Margie Jenkins told the Orlando Sentinel that her mother “Taught her children to work hard, laugh often and refuse to give up.”

“My mom never had a whole lot but she did the best could with what she had,” said Hazelwood, 42, of St. Cloud. “There was always food on the table.”

Mary Grace Ragan, 76, died Nov. 19 of complications related to a stroke. She died a wealthy woman and a great example to all.