How is honor restored to a man when lights his wife  on fire in front of her two daughters with the help of his parents? Is that really honorable? Did overpowering his wife of seven years in front their two young girls, then setting her alight as she screamed in horror and begged for her life restore honor? Their “honor” does not translate into our language. To restore his “honor” is to extinguish the soul of a human being. To restore his “honor” is to become a vicious animal, snorting and pounding the earth, tasting the breathe of a helpless victim surrounded by the echoes and cries of children. To translate these killings into our language, we would call it Shame Killing and that is how we should all report it. There is no such thing as an honor killing. The husband of Jahiran Biwi did not restore honor to his family. He brought Shame upon them.