Why the Duggars Should be Prosecuted: One Girlfriend’s Tragic Past

She’s known by the name Minnesota Jo(y) and until recently, those that read her blog would know her as Jo, married with four children. She admits issues with depression – “I blog a lot some times and NOT a lot other times. Kinda depends on the day and how well my meds are working. Two-time survivor of Post-Partum Depression and related mood disorders” – but when the Josh Duggar admission became public, Jo opened up a painful wound to provide a child’s perspective of abuse by someone known to them. Below is a brief excerpt. I encourage you to share this story. The long-term effects of abuse on children is significant and exacerbated when their abuser is not brought to justice. The Duggars saved their son at cost of several lives. From news reports, they even chose their son over their daughters. Conspiracy is the only acceptable outcome. This is personal to Jo, which makes it personal to us.

Jo at the time abuse beganEXCERPT: Why The Duggar Situation is Personal

Current news reports about the Duggar family are incredibly triggering to me. I was repeatedly sexually abused by a male family member when I was a child, and my abuser was never officially charged or prosecuted.

I was 13 when I went to my guidance counselor because I was having nightmares. I was hesitant to share ┬ábut I had just moved to a new school in Minnesota and didn’t really know anyone. I didn’t have anyone else to talk to about how I was feeling. She listened to me, then explained gently that because of what I’d told her that she had to contact the authorities. I begged her not to, explaining that I had already told before and nothing had been done. It didn’t matter. She had to report it. Continue Reading