Maybe being a mom has made me lose my sense of juvenile fun, but when I opened my Twitter today, this is what I saw:


The problem with Twitter is that each tweet stands on its own and if a social media person is trying to create a narrative, then they fail. After working 10 hours today, stopping at the grocery store, getting home to cook dinner, picking up clothes, starting a load of wash and then feeding the cat, the Warner Bros. tweet made me think of my own mother working her tail off and thinking about all the other women just trying to raise good kids. The movie is rated R so I’m to assume that quips like that are going to an audience of adults to rush out to see the film. Frankly, I can watch the current presidential campaign and find enough humor in it and I don’t have to pay $15.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases says the She-conomy. We’ll see how The Campaign does this weekend. If its tweets are any indication of the humor, I’ll pass.


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