I think I’m going to cry.  Can you imagine the people you have to irritate to recieve a “hand-delivered letter from a lawyer” listing eight McDonald’s locations where you are no longer welcome?  Erin Carr-Jordan is practically, no she is, a legend!  No longer welcome at EIGHT McDonald’s!  What got this mother of four in the cross hairs of McDonald’s franchise owner Ernie Adair?  According to ABC News, “She complained to a McDonald’s manager about unsanitary conditions in an indoor play area, and came back a few days later to find nothing had changed.”

At that point, Carr-Jordan, who is also a university professor , “began swabbing indoor playgrounds.” [I would love to see the face of the customers when she put on her rubber gloves, swabbed the areas and locked the swabs away in a secure bag].

“Many of these play places are in disgusting condition.  I’ve seen rotting food, hair, stuff stuck to the wall, second-story windows broken,” Carr-Jordan told ABC News.

Yuck!  Personally, I never let my daughter play in those play areas anyway and what about those ball pits!

What’s even worse, Carr-Jordan’s swabbing produced positive results for “meningitis and gastrointestinal disease.” Although to be fair, McDonald’s play areas were not the only ones she tested.

Ms. Carr-Jordan reminds me of Carrie Nation (1846-1911), who wielded her axe at saloons around the country during her quest for temperance. Of course swabs don’t really compare to an axe, but it nearly equates to the same thing, the possibility of shutting down a play area.

The moral of this story is: NEVER BLOW OFF MOM!

Hooray for our contemporary Carrie Nation – Erin Carr-Jordan!  Your GIRLFRIENDS have your back.  Keep swabbing.  And, McDonald’s, get some higher standards for your restaurant play areas!  For any of our GIRLFRIENDS in Arizona, give our GIRLFRIEND OF THE WEEK a high five for us!