GIRLFRIENDS OF THE WEEK: Break into Burning Home and Save Dogs

Babu and Angus must have feared for their lives last Sunday evening when an electrical fire broke out in the attic of their home and fire was quickly engulfing it.   They tried to escape through a window left ajar, but it was too small for their bodies.  Things may have been easier if they had hands instead of paws.  Fortunately, it turns out two fearless women saw the smoke from their car as they passed the home and immediately stopped to help.

Kim Swanson and Karen Jacobs “saw the dogs trying to get out of a window that was cracked open, but it wasn’t big enough for the animals to escape,” says

While Jacobs called 9-11, Swanson attempted to get the dogs out.  Even after the two women broke the window latch, the smoke was too thick to see the dogs so Swanson took her shirt off, used an outdoor hose to soak it and entered the house through the window and grabbed the dogs, handing them out the window to Jacobs!

Swanson was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation.  Both women and dogs are doing fine.


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