GIRLFRIENDS MUST SEE: What’s Your Body Image?


I love the People magazine issue that profiles people who lost “half their weight.” I can’t imagine the struggle and sacrifice necessary to accomplish such a goal and I really find inspiration in their stories. There is only one thing that sometimes bothers me. The weight and size ratio always seems skewed to me. In this story, a woman is 157 pounds and wears a size 8. Similarly, this woman is 155 and a size 8.  I find it hard to believe that anyone weighing over 155 pounds can fit into a size 8, no matter what their height is, but muscle does weigh more than fat and women do carry it differently.  I always wonder what my weight/height look like to other people.  From my own reflection, I can’t really tell if my legs look big in comparison to the rest of my body.  Now there is a FABULOUS website called “My Body Gallery” that is filled with photos of women (faces blurred) so that our GIRLFRIENDS can get an idea of what their body might look like to others.


First, I love the fact that someone started this, that GIRLFRIENDS graciously share and women can measure themselves against real women, not photos of women celebrities that have been airbrushed and altered.

Thank you MY BODY IMAGE!