GIRLFRIEND OF THE WEEK: Margaret Shofner – Pulls Arrow From HER Jaw

First, let me tell you all the things I love about our GIRLFRIEND OF THE WEEK, 80 year-old Margaret Shofner:

  • She eats chocolate donuts for breakfast (I will too when I am older) with her five year-old great grandson.
  • She was not panicked by the sound of a big crash that she said she thought was an explosion.
  • She was only curious about the black thing she could see out of the corner of her eye (an errant arrow).
  • She pulled an arrow out of her jawbone without flinching.
  • When blood poured from the wound, she simply got a wet rag and applied pressure.
  • She is not angry with the idiot that accidentally shot her.
  • She is an optimist:  “NewsChannel 5 asked Shofner if she was mad about the ordeal. ‘No, I think I’m very lucky. I’m lucky. It could have been my eyes. Could have been my chest, so yeah, I feel like I’m lucky,’ she said.”

It wasn’t until her grandson returned to her home, “saw the blood and shattered glass, [and] heard the story,” were the police called.  I’ll bet her great-grandson thinks grandma can slay dragons.  I know I do.