Women, Sex & the Survey

Time magazine, the quintessential high-brow publication known for its in-depth and often exclusive coverage of news affecting our world must have hired a new editor, someone brought in to increase traffic using ridiculous, meaningless studies to bring in new audiences.   In its “Time NewsFeed: What’s Vital and Viral on the Web in Real Time,” writer Hanna Jones picks apart a “scientific” study from the British firm SHAPE.SMART™.

One thing I love about the English is they don’t waste time with ambiguous marketing terms that require an explanation for their audience.  In fact, in order to lose weight, SHAPE.SMART™ believes you must first determine what kind of eater you are, “The first step is to understand your EATERtype™ which can be seen as a blueprint for your eating patterns.”  I love “EATERtype” because it makes perfect sense.

The company commissioned* a survey (*term used loosely because we don’t seem to know anything about the demographics other than 5000 men and women participated) on women.   Time magazine breaks out of its confines of intellectual topics and chooses to write about it.  Why?  Because it suggests that “Women Think About Food More Than Sex,” and that is big news, I guess.  Ready for the STARTLING results?

  • 25% of women think about food every 30 minutes
  • 10% of women think about sex every 30 minutes
  • 60% of women in relationships are not happy eating in front of their partner
  • 50% of women in relationships are shy undressing in front of their partner
  • 40% of women feel as though they are constantly dieting
  • 13% of women choose low-calorie meals instead of what they would actually like when eating out
  • source: Time NewsFeed

    So one-quarter of women think about food every half hour, somewhere in between work, her boss, the backstabbing coworker, the kids, the under-performing education system, high rising gas prices, groceries, ballet, school, sports, homework, the dog, in-laws, birthdays, field trips, the bills, food is a priority.  I’m not suggesting it’s wrong since most people eat every 3-4 hours and moms are usually consumed with dinner, but I think it’s more about what to serve or to eat for the next meal and not an obsession as the survey might suggest.

    My favorite part of this survey is how food is pitted against sex.  “More women think about food than sex,” as if the two are interchangeable.  Worse, the study suggests women have little passion anymore.  Nearly half of the respondents don’t like to undress in front of their partner, and almost two-thirds don’t like to eat in front of him.  Sounds like weak, sniffling GIRLFRIENDS afraid to live their life UNLESS, they jump on board with  SHAPE.SMART™, determine their EATERtype and begin not only to live again, but have the freedom to think about sex more.    Whew!  I knew this was important when I saw it in Time.