October 12, 2010 0

For years, the National Organization for WOMEN (NOW) has hidden behind the abortion issue as when handing out candidate endorsements, but one day after a staffer for California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown suggested calling […]

Give Women An Inch and They Take a Whole Country

September 23, 2010 0

Switzerland had to be dragged up the steps of equality, kicking and screaming before it finally had a federal referendum allowing women’s suffrage in 1971. Although some cantons allowed women’s suffrage prior to that, much […]

Women in the Board Room

July 20, 2010 0

Why do people always refer to Norway as “progressive?”  I would almost call them “backward” or “impulsive.  ” In 2006, the Norwegian government imposed a law that would require “State-owned companies are already obliged to […]

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