Nothing’s Changed for Women: Read the Proof

susanSusan B. Anthony never saw a Federal Amendment allowing for women’s suffrage in her lifetime. She died in 1906, a full 13 years before the 19th Amendment. No wonder she never smiled. It’s now more than a century since she died. Women have had the right to vote for 94 years. Women are heads of industry, graduating in record numbers, leading their high school and college classes in academics, one would think in 2014, women would gain some foothold in business, if not more space on boards or in executive positions, at least women have earned the right to be considered worthy adversaries in the competitive business landscape.

But last week’s media blitz that focused on Yahoo!’s President & CEO Marissa Mayer resting after arriving at Cannes for the International Advertising Festival is testament to how little space we own in the minds of many business execs, men or women, and sadly even women journalists.

Suzanne Vranica’s article in the Wall Street Journal was not only extremely slanted and overtly bias, the quotes have no attribution. Interesting practice for a once well respected publication.  Tracy Corrigan, the Digital Editor of the WSJ Online, a woman, not only allowed the article to post, a large percentage of the comments are demeaning, degrading and not worthy of the WSJ.


Take a look at the story I posted on Linkedin to read more about the story. What do you think?