SHAME on MCDONALDS: Called Police on Young Mother and Child Because they Did not Order from the Main Screen

Whoever said the customer is always right needs to remind the North Carolina McDonald’s on Legion Road, near Black and Decker Road. In fact, McDonald’s needs to pull the franchise contract of Lisa Powell immediately. Tell me what could warrant Powell’s McDonald’s staff to call the police and have a young mother not only tasered, but her three-year-old TAKEN and given to child services. Did she rob the restaurant? No. Did she make terroristic threats against the employees? No. HER CRIME WAS NOT STOPPING AT THE MAIN SCREEN TO ORDER!

YES. That was the reason the police were called.  Evangeline Lucca pulled around to the pick-up window to order her meal. At which point, the employee apparently chose to be the hall monitor and tell THE CUSTOMER that she had to go back to the end of the line, order on the main screen, pull up to the pay window and then pick up her food. Ms. Lucca told her to SHOVE IT! (actually, I don’t know what she said, but she refused to move).

“According to an employee, 37-year-old Evangeline Lucca often cut the drive-through line and bypassed the ordering menu and the payment window, preferring to order and pay for her food at the pick-up window,” said The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office saw it another way, “She did not want to wait in line,” a spokesman for the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said. “They told her she had to go around and wait like everybody else did…She wasn’t having any of that.”

I guess McDonald’s doesn’t need the business. I’m pretty sure that most business owners in this ailing economy would love a few customers to come directly to the pay window and order. SERIOUSLY MCDONALD’S! This is appalling to me. But what really makes me angry and sad is that her three year-old witnessed her mother being painfully tasered, put into a police car and she was remanded to state custody! STATE CUSTODY!