“I will respect myself and others” unless they are different, then I will spit on them and call them names.

I didn’t have a great experience as a Girl Scout. It was 1972, I was nine and I remember that Ellie Prescott’s mother was the Girl Scout leader. I don’t remember Ellie liking me very much, although I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual.  My recollection is that Ellie’s mother kicked me out, but it could have been that I didn’t attend all the meetings.

I’m sure that Juliet Gordon Lowe understood the pressures of a preteen  girl, which is why she choose to structure the group to fall during a girl’s impressionable years.  Girls are tortured by themselves and others during adolescence. Their body is changing and instead of learning to embrace the oddities of womanhood, they begin to compare themselves, with celebrities, models, schoolmates and friends.   To compensate, the dirty habit of gossip rears its hear and young girls begin to find comfort in friends that group together to berate the shortcomings of others. It is a way to feel more superior in a world that has taught them that looks are paramount. Degrading the differences of others becomes a young girl’s game that provides instant gratification, especially if it is done in groups, and carries with them throughout their life.  Where do they learn to gossip, from their mothers mostly and the women who make up their circle of influence.

The Girl Scouts have changed since I was a girl, but unfortunately, it’s still run by people, and sometimes those people are closed minded, cruel and unkind. Some even hide behind their religion as an excuse for their actions, which irritates me since all I have ever read about Jesus is a sense of inclusion.

I only bring up the issue of religion, because a Girl Scout Troop based out of the Northlake Christian School in Covington, Louisiana has recently disbanded in order to keep a young girl from joining. One of the leaders, Susan Bryant-Snure, is even a medical doctor. The reason for Bobby Montoya’s exclusion is that she is transgender, a girl, psychologically, but, as the Girl Scout leaders put it, “with boy parts.” Fortunately, the Girl Scouts of Colorado made the right decision, at least in my opinion, not in the opinion of the Northlake Christian School Girl Scout Troop.  The Girl Scout’s statement, according to CNN, was one of inclusion,“The Girl Scouts of Colorado has since said it was an “inclusive” organization and “if a child lives life as a girl” he or she is welcome to join. “When a family requests membership for their daughter, we do not require proof of gender, we respect the decisions of families.” Which prompted Dr. Bryant-Snure to call a press conference. And, outing the Girl Scouts, according the the Baptist Press, “This led the Colorado chapter to reveal its practice of inclusion, which evaluates the admission of boys, albeit transgendered, on a case-by-case basis.”

They revealed a practice of inclusion. Seriously.

The Baptist Press article quoted Dr. Bryant-Snure as calling the ‘practice of inclusion,’ ‘extremely confusing” and an “almost dangerous situation” for children.”   How dangerous? Just ask the expert that was called in to explain the the church’s viewpoint:

“Churches in general shouldn’t cater to the confusion,” Johnston said, [Jeff Johnston, a social issues analyst specializing in homosexuality and sexuality in the Public Policy Department of Focus on the Family, a Colorado-based global ministry] “It’s part of biblical truth that God made us male and female in His image.” [I’m confused].

Johnston adds, Most little boys who express this transgender confusion will grow out of it,” he said, adding that boys should be encouraged to embrace their masculinity.

I believe God put people like Bobby Montoya on this earth as a special gift. But beyond the issues that grown ups focus on, Bobby is a child who deserves to be accepted. She is a CHILD.  She is not asking for the troop to understand her, she just wants to join the Girl Scouts and get a few merit badges. When did life get so complicated for children? Why is it that it that some followers of Jesus don’t really seem to follow Him at all. Is there another Bible somewhere or a book in the Bible that I don’t have, maybe a part where Jesus excludes individuals from his circle because they didn’t follow his beliefs.

If anyone has that chapter, please send it to me. In the meantime, let’s remember that just as these Girl Scout Leaders have judged, they are now being judged and if I were keeping score (not that it matters) I would say that Bobby is winning.