Transgender Person Pumping Poisonous Mercury into the Air

Is this meeting about you?

What do transgender and homosexuals have that poisonous mercury toxins don’t have?  How is it that they can rile millions as they try to marry, join the military or participate on “Dancing With The Stars,” and something that causes nearly 17,000 premature deaths a year doesn’t even get a ripple of controversy?  When Chaz Bono was tapped to participate in this season’s “Dancing With The Stars,” hundreds, maybe thousands of conservative groups began a series of protests.  And yet, the EPA’s proposal to put limits on toxins (where no limits exist) has no protests – are you listening?’s successes include getting “The Playboy Club” cancelled.   In 50 years, how will the cancelling of that show impact our grown children and their children?  In 50 years, nearly one million premature deaths will have been caused by having NO standards on toxin emissions.  How can we get people to focus their attention away from their distaste of other  people’s lifestyles to focus on issues that are killing our citizens.  If Chaz Bono or married homosexuals were pumping toxins into the environment, I am absolutely certain this issue would be front and center.

I admit it.  I’m not an environmentalist.  I half-heartedly recycle.  However, as a women’s historian, I covered Rachel Carson on Earth Day and found the vilification of her bizarre.  What’s even stranger is the “Green Movement” seems to be over before it began and NOW politicians are calling for the elimination of the EPA, yes, the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY.  And I have heard no protests.  Moms should be at the forefront of this issue.  HELLO?

Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, had a presidential advocate who created the EPA because of her research.  The title of her book is exactly what you think – silence – no birds singing in the spring, no new life.

If you think we have enough standards in place, consider this study by the University of California San Francisco:

If you’re pregnant and you are living in the U.S., you are 99-100% likely to have these chemicals in your body as well as, “PBDEs – compounds used as flame retardants and now banned in many states, including California – and DDT – an organochlorine pesticide banned in the United States in 1972.”

In 2005, nine states sued the EPA because they exempted power plants from falling in line with mercury emission standards.

“The attorneys general said they also plan to challenge a second rule that allows trading of pollution credits. They assert that such action would allow many power plants to buy their way out of reducing mercury emissions, leaving neighboring communities exposed to “hot spots” of contamination.

It was contended that this happened because of political pressure.  According to the LA Times story, California Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer says:

“We don’t have coal-fired power plants in California, but the emissions wind up in our state — in our water and in the fish we eat,” Lockyer said in an interview. “These power plants are the largest source of mercury emissions in the United States.”

 Many politicians have included disbanding the EPA as part of their platform, claiming the EPA is overly aggressive and “job killers.”  What jobs are getting the ax?  According to

“Luminant Energy claims it will be forced to close two plants and fire 500 people. Texas was not initially included in the new EPA rules that target sulphur-dioxin emissions with a mandate requiring a 64% reduction from 2010 levels, but in July the Lone Star state was added to the list.”

 So the EPA is “killing jobs” because it wants to invoke standards for toxins released into air.  I’m certain there are scientists that insist the level of toxins/mercury is not harmful, but from a common sense standpoint, I don’t believe that assessment.  Do you?  The EPA needs some advocates.  Today, it’s headed by the first African-American woman, Lisa P. Jackson and she’s not stupid.  She graduated  summa cum laude from Tulane University, has a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University and began her career as a staff-level scientist with the EPA nearly 25 years ago.

Do you want someone looking out for your health?  I do.  The assertion that the Environmental Protection Agency is evil, and it appears America is buying it, is absurd.  Get rid of the IRS not the EPA.  Post the graphic below on your Facebook.  Tell your friends.  Chant it.  Change the conversation and the direction of this country when it comes to the EPA.  You don’t have to be crunchy, liberal or an environmentalist to get behind this issue.  If you are a parent, grandparent, sister, mom, aunt, uncle, dad, this is your issue.  Be an earth advocate.  Please.  It needs you and so do 17,000 Americans that will die this year and next year and the year after.