Women’s Party of America: Georgia Lawmaker “Accuses” Rape Victims

The more I blog, the more I think Women are underrepresented and have little or no power in the political process.  First, the strongest women candidates are more loyal to their party than to women.  Recently, when Michelle Obama was asked whether she supported ways for the government to make it easier for women to breast feed babies, she said yes.   Sounds simple enough.  Then on February 10th, the IRS announced that breast pumps would be redefined as a medical device and would be eligible under flexible spending accounts, something the American Academy of Pediatrics had advocated.

But Republicans Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann came out swinging about the decision.  Bachmann said “the Obama administration for trying to impose a “nanny state” on mothers,” while Palin apparently joked, “the first lady was trying to compensate for high milk prices.”

Then it escalated into a mom divide when Cathy Ruse, a senior legal fellow at the Family Research Council said, “Giving tax breaks for breast pumps helps only those moms who are working outside the home and does nothing for us stay-at-home moms. ”

I actually knew a lot of stay-at-home moms that pump.

Victim or Accuser?
Today, I read about Georgia State Representative Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta), who has instituted a bill that would effectively replace the word “victim” to “accuser” in rape, stalking and domestic violence cases including “obscene telephone contact with a child.”

Oddly, however, he does not wish to reclassify “robbery victims,” “identity-theft victims,” “assault victims,” or any of the other numerous “victims” that file through the justice system daily.

The biggest problem with Rep. Bobby Franklin is that he ran unopposed in the last election and apparently in the election before that.  We need more women in office.  Of the thousands of women in Franklin’s Marietta district, we don’t have one that can oppose him?  And, I’m pretty sure that while many in his own party are unhappy with the bill, there will be no public admonishment.

So, in conjunction with “Me and My 1000 Girlfriend’s, That’s Who!” we have launched a separate political wing dedicated to Women First.  Let’s be loyal to our sisters, aunts, moms, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters and GIRLFRIENDS First!  Join The Party on Facebook.