Facebook Update Lands Woman On Israel’s Military Front Lines


With all the whining these past few days about airport security, it’s no surprise that once again America is pointing the the intelligence sophistication of Israel.  Rafi Sela, a former chief security officer that helped design the security at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, made a name for himself among opponents of full body scanners, claiming their  uselessness and his ability to, “overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747.” Sela spoke to parliamentarians regarding the state of aviation safety in Canada in April.  What Sela does not say is that Arabs and Muslims are targeted the minute they set foot on airport property.  In fact, Israel has six levels of security including, “Roadside checks begin as passengers approach the airport.”

Ironically, the Israeli firm, ICTS International, was contracted to do security at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam where the infamous underwear bomber was allowed to board Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit.  It is clearly more difficult to oversee security when everyone is allowed to enter and exit the terminal, unlike Ben Gurion.

Currently, with so much misinformation bouncing around the web about pedophiles and sexual deviants making the new TSA rules to further their insatiable impulses, it is no wonder fears are heightened and outrage is proliferating on the net.   With a tenuous political climate, high unemployment and increased foreclosures, its surreal that people are more interested in whether their privates will be touched than their nest eggs.

But the best use of technology for infiltrating the bad guys that Israel has embraced is Facebook.  Imagine opting out of your compulsory duty of serving in the Israel military by claiming to be a “religiously observant Jewish women.”  Only to have your lie exposed on Facebook!  Seems the “religiously observant” excuse has been used far too much so the Israeli army put a private detective on the case.  Already, 1000 women have been caught engaging in non-kosher activities on Facebook.

According to the Associated Press, “A military official said Monday that one woman who said she was a religious Jew posted a photo of herself on Facebook holding a menu from a non-kosher restaurant. Another updated her profile on the Sabbath.”

Drat!  Foiled again.  All women were called to duty.  Their Facebook updates are now on hold.