[We're]"not suggesting in any way that Sen. Murkowski is prostituting herself."

I’m great at riddles. Let’s see, “What’s the difference between selling out your party’s values and the oldest profession?” Hmmm…this tricky tweet was posted on Joe Miller’s Twitter page (Senate hopeful from Alaska)  and then linked to an article written by Caroline May in the The Daily Caller entitled “Libertarians Weigh Murkowski Run.”

Ok, “oldest profession,” “selling out,” and then a link to a story about Murkowski jumping over to the Libertarian camp if she fails to win the Republican primary. Let’s see, OMG, I think they are suggesting, WE ARE NOT SUGGESTING IN ANY WAY THAT SENATOR MURKOWSKI IS PROSTITUTING HERSELF,” – Miller spokesperson Randy DeSoto. Wow, now I’m stumped.

“A spokesman for Miller’s campaign said a staffer had written the message, but the reference to prostitution was aimed at the Libertarian Party and not Murkowski.” – CNN article

Women always hear things the wrong way – “Mr. Miller owes all Alaskans, women and my family an apology.” – Senator Lisa Murkowski.

The “staffer,” who apparently has been given the authority to speak on Miller’s behalf through tweets sent to Miller’s more than 2600 followers, has been misunderstood.  How many times does Miller’s office have to say that the tweet had nothing to do with Murkowski.  Just forget the link for a second, now where in the tweet does it say Murkowski.  Case closed.  Just kidding.  The case is so wide open Miller can stick his foot in it.

Thankfully, Miller’s camp has a highly technical IT person who deleted the tweet.  Whew!  Good thing.  Now no one will ever be able to find it.

source: CNN - Political Ticker Blog - Jeff Simon


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