Fistfight in the Delivery Room: No it isn't the Mother

“Operating Room Fistfight Leads to Botched Delivery,” – When I first read this AP headline I thought for sure the woman in labor had to be involved.  Delivering a child is definitely not for the faint of heart (I’m mostly referring for the father).  As we women create a life over 40 weeks, letting our body take on a shape of its own and then enduring excruciating pain for our baby to to emerge out of an opening that is only 10 centimeters (just under four inches), a fistfight is sure to break out, but between doctors?!

“Health officials and Salpietro’s husband, Matteo Molonia, say the two doctors disagreed about whether to perform a Caesarean section and came to blows while Salpietro was in labor. Molonia says the fight delayed the C-section by over an hour, leading to complications for mother and son.” – AP Story

It seems the private doctor (the woman’s physician) had a disagreement with the public doctor (attending at the hospital) causing a delay of more than an hour and the baby suffered.  Perhaps it just came down to money and nothing good ever comes from that.