Women’s Party of America

Inspired by Alice Paul’s National Women’s Party established in 1915 for the sole reason of securing women’s suffrage, ‘Me and My 1000 Girlfriends, That’s Who!’ is forming its own independent, non-partisan organization with one purpose as well – ELECT MORE WOMEN.

We have only one ideal – WOMEN FIRST.  For far too long, Democrats and Republicans espouse strict platforms.  Voting the party line, even when a woman does not follow the strict mandates within a party, ie. Christine Whitman, Democrats will not vote for her and Republicans shy away.

Our women don’t fit so easily into one party.  They are independent.  We are not saying we won’t vote for a woman within a party.  What we’re saying is that the platform of the party is secondary to that of the candidate.  We want more women in political office.  We think it will bring change in America’s vision, or at least balance.  Join Us on Facebook.  Follow Us on Twitter.

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