Today’s Girlfriend

Prepare to be impressed: Successful eRetailer Loren Ridinger is pulling everyone up with her, (and she’s not tired yet!)

As far as mentors go, Loren Ridinger has graciously accepted this role to her thousands of fans. How does the senior vice president of one of the world’s top online retailers build a fan base?

By evangelizing personal faith and encouraging anyone that will listen that the possibilities are endless for those who work hard and have a clear vision to follow. Her company, Market believes so much in YOU, they’ve developed an “unfranchise” opportunity that has created opportunities for hundreds of people.

She is the ultimate multitasker (all women are), creating open dialogue on her Facebook,her blog, and her Twitter (she’ll usually tweet you back) and creating brand extensions that range from the exquisite Loren Jewels to a specially developed skin care line called Motives.


Patricia Rossi is America’s etiquette and protocol coach, with over 20 years experience in business etiquette and protocol training.

Think you are a polished professional?

Test your etiquette knowledge and learn how your actions may be sending the right or wrong signals.

Patricia Rossi’s “Manners Minute” TV segments air weekly on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and other affiliates throughout the U.S. Patricia is a sought after etiquette coach, consultant, public speaker, columnist, television and radio personality. Her focus is on kindness as opposed to formality, Relationship…not rules. Her seminars on social and professional protocol are engaging and shed new light on modern manners from business leaders, professional athletes, children and young adults in real life situations. Learn more at If you live in the Tampa area, check out her classes.

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