Two Game Suspension For Knocking a Woman Unconscious

There’s something about sitting someone on the bench for two games as punishment for punching a person, any person, into unconsciousness that makes me understand the world we leaving to our children a little more and I have to say, I’m sorry. I started ‘Me and My 1000 Girlfriends’ three years ago and a day doesn’t go by that violence against women isn’t in the news.

It’s easy to think it’s in the Middle East and that only the Taliban treat their women like animals. Or we can turn our disgusted faces to Saudi Arabia at the men who refuse to let their wives drive or have personal freedoms. Girls in America are educated and we graduate in record numbers. We are valedictorians; Giants of Industry, but we have no power. We have done that to ourselves. As a group, we bicker and argue. Women in Congress have yet to endorse other women. EMILY’S LIST doesn’t put all pro-choice candidates on their list and even NOW endorsed Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman because she was a Republican. Look it up, Whitman was pro-choice and followed every single tenet of the NOW organization.

Should I be at all surprised that the NFL is sitting Ray Rice on the bench for admitting to knocking his girlfriend unconscious? This video is hard to watch. If you’re not sure how something like this could even happen, check out ESPN’s Stephen Smith reminding women to, “do [their] part in making sure that [violence] doesn’t happen.”

Are you ready for a Revolution or Not?

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