The Fog of War: Are Dems fixing the Florida election?

power-300x298Most people will tell you that to get elected, you have to have big money and influence behind you. Is that ok with you? I met a man yesterday working at Goodwill. He was bright, articulate and a perfect candidate I could get behind. I told him as much. He laughed and said the people that need to be in office don’t run and those that are in office shouldn’t be there. His name was Carl. Things would be different if Carl was a policy maker. Say a little prayer that my friend finds a way to change the world.

Today, Leslie Wimes of posted about Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Nan Rich, a candidate that deserves to be heard, to be respected, but her own party appears to be doing what they can to get her out of the race. I urge you to read Leslie’s post, then take action. Be a part of the solution. Here’s an excerpt:

The last few months, I have been railing on Emily’s List because of their non-support of Senator Nan Rich in her run to become Florida’s first Woman Governor.  I was convinced that the reason for their non-support was to please mega donors to Emily’s List who were supportive of the campaign of Charlie Crist.  I couldn’t understand why an organization that has the reputation Emily’s List has for supporting women politicians would literally turn their back on Nan Rich.  I was so happy to see Emily’s list support Wendy Davis, Nina Turner, and other strong, progressive women in their runs for office.  I knew that Emily’s List had supported Nan Rich before, so it HAD to be someone else calling the shots.  I guess I just didn’t know who that someone was.

Now I do.Leslie10200

As you recall, I received an email a while back explaining the REAL reason Charlie Crist wouldn’t debate Nan Rich, and that the leadership of the Democratic Party was behind it.  Deals had been made, souls had been sold.

I received another email this morning allegedly explaining the Emily’s List situation.  It wasn’t donors to Charlie Crist that didn’t want Emily’s List to support Nan Rich.  It was the Florida Democratic Party Leaders.  They didn’t want anything standing in the way of their covert, soon to be overt, support of Charlie Crist. If Emily’s List, a powerful organization for raising money for women candidates, had succeeded in helping Nan Rich raise the kind of money that would allow her to get on the air and reach more people, the FDP’s chosen candidate wouldn’t be able to continually ignore her the way he has done.

What was Emily’s List to do?  If a candidate’s own party wasn’t backing her, and they were told that the party wasn’t backing her, Emily’s List just fell in line.