The Catholic Assault on Women, AGAIN

February 13, 2012 0

The recent women’s health policy announced by the Obama administration has caused a blizzard of posts, comments, tweets and protests from…… MEN! Yes. The loudest MAN has been the Catholic Church. I was raised a […]

Afghanistan Needs a Woman Warrior

February 2, 2012 0

It was Friedrich Nietzsche that said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I’m not surprised it was a man, because it seems the correct adage for a woman would be “That which […]

Is it Time for Barbie to Die?

January 13, 2012 0

Yes, I played with Barbies when I was a child. My Barbie always had her own job and apartment. When my daughter was old enough, she played (kind of) with Barbies. She preferred Bratz because […]

The Choice: Women Fight for Respect

January 5, 2012 0

It’s so difficult to really predict what will incite public hatred and protest.  Oddly, during the holidays, when we were enjoying time off, the world exploded with news that BBC News Magazine has dissed women […]

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