ROLE MODELS: Dr. Baucom dons princess helmet and rides kid’s bike to surgery


We GIRLFRIENDS are fortunate for doctors like Dr. Catherine Baucom, a surgical breast oncologist who wasn’t about to let a traffic shutdown affect her patient. Instead of giving in to the challenge, Baucom chose to accept it. She went by a friend’s house and borrowed a bike and not one of those slick bikes, it was the property of a seven-year-old, complete with a Disney princess helmet.

According to, “Explaining her pressed destination, the compassionate officers escorted Dr Baucom on the remainder of her journey. ”

I hope that doesn’t mean they made her ride the bike all the way to the hospital while they “escorted” her.
Dr. Baucom is an inspiration and an exception role model. Share this with your daughters and let them know who the real celebrities should be.