More Than Two-Thirds of Women Believe Obama Can Crush Space Aliens

Sixty-eight percent of women who were polled by National Geographic believe that President Obama would be tougher than Mitt Romney on extra-terrestrials. That’s eight points more than the percent of women who actually went out and voted in the presidential election in 2008. That’s even seven points more than men who were asked the same question and also thought Obama could handle a space invasion better.

Women rarely agree on anything, at least in percentages like these. What would give Obama that kind of edge for women? Well…Osama Bin Laden did die during his administration. Was that enough to push him over the superhero edge? And, how can we get that same kind of solidarity from women on other issues like education?

I’ll bet you think that women care more about Prolife or ProChoice issues. In fact, that’s what the two political parties count on. But according to a recent Gallup Poll, federal birth control policies don’t even break into the top five issues f- “Most voters in the United States say issues such as healthcare, unemployment, the federal deficit, international issues, and gas prices are important to their presidential vote, but less than half say the same about federal birth control policies.”

As I suspected…birth control issues are not even top of mind for voters this year. Does that mean the Democrats and Republicans will have to use some other ploy to get women to sway to their side? Personally, I don’t put my faith in either party, but where will women put their faith and their vote?

Maybe there’s some clue in the latter part of the Nat Geo poll, “more men than women said they would attempt to be friends with aliens. ”

Hmmm….looks like women aren’t in the trusting mood.

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