A man and his buddies are trying to build a homemade cannon…

A man & his buddies were “tinkering” with a homemade cannon (do I need to go on?). The light it after filling it with “fireworks powder” and forget that it’s aimed at his trailer, I mean mobile home. According to the Associated Press, “Richard Fox, 39, shot the cannon after loading it with fireworks powder, said San Diego County sheriff’s Sgt. David Martinez. His 38-year-old girlfriend was found dead from shrapnel wounds when authorities arrived at the home.” Evidence shows that Fox was under the influence. I’m shocked.


Perhaps the best headline of the week comes from the New York Times:

Charged as Madam, and Defended as Entrepreneur and Pig Rescuer

Anna Gristina is standing trial, “accused of running an upscale prostitution ring” [I think that’s an oxymoron – “upscale prostitution.” She claims that Morgan Stanley Banker she was with is helping her to expand her business of “rescuing pet pigs from unsuitable homes.” Susan Magidson said, “We identify the pigs who need homes and we try to match-make.”

I think “pigs” is a code name for something, but what?!


And in other news,  Clinical Psychologist and Researcher Shiri Cohen at Massachusetts General Hospital, claims women enjoy seeing their partner miserable, but men like it when we’re happy…hmmm.

According to NPR, Cohen “asked 156 couples to remember incidents in the relationship that upset them, and compared their reactions. The women tend to want to engage around conflict. They’re deriving more satisfaction when they see that their partner is upset.”

Apparently, Cohen noticed that men are happiest when their wives or girlfriends are happy. Good to know.