Free Advertising Because they Deserve It: ALL FREE & CLEAR WITH STAINLIFTERS

ALL FREE & CLEAR with STAINLIFTERS (image copyrighted by ALL)

I am far from Heloise, Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker.  In fact, I have to admit the white jeans my daughter wore to school today had a few dirt stains that I couldn’t get out, but her shirt covered them.  I am loyal to cleaning brands, but only because they have “done no harm,” and I do like OxyClean, but mostly because it “seems” to work.  But this weekend, I built a house [actually I did the caulking on the home being built by the Atlanta Women’s Build for Habitat for Humanity], and I got caulk all over my favorite blue shorts.  I didn’t think for a second I would get it out.  Then, my daughter came home from a pool party and she and my husband began to tear down the decade old swing set that was rotting and dirty in our backyard.  Since we don’t believe in distracting children from a task once involved, she worked on it with her new swim shorts and got dirt pretty well ground into them.

I treated both with the OxyClean, but this time I used the ALL FREE & CLEAR with STAINLIFTERS, because it was on sale [I generally buy the Costco store brand].  I soaked for a few hours in the soak cycle and expected to be working on both shorts for days.  But TODAY, it was like MAGIC!!!  They were both FREE & CLEAR of DIRT:)))  [FREE & CLEAR actually refers to no perfumes or dyes].  Now I’m going to work on those white jeans.

So, I’m telling my 10,000 GIRLFRIENDS on Facebook, Twitter & my Blog about ALL FREE & CLEAR.

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