There's an App for that

I love this story.   Feeling safe in your home?   Not so fast!  Here are some great websites ready to pinpoint trouble areas. Great for your college students! – yikes, hope you don’t get lots of different colored boxes like I did!
FBI Uniform Crime Report – Yearly statistics on everything from school violence to white collar crime.
DOJ National Sex Offender list – must view, especially if you have small children or a new boyfriend – find out about everything from home appreciation to crime – don’t go near the light colored areas! – take a look at the front page of local newspapers to see what’s big news in your area. – crime reports in your area compared to the national average – lets you sign up for crime alerts in your area. – only has some big municipal areas.


The ‘Lethal’ iPhone application. Turn it on as as you navigate through an area, the iPhone searches from data on the area you are entering! Keep an eye on the screen, it will not alert you when you need to RUN!