Is it Just Me…

Ok, so someone pointed out to me that the Right to Life groups all seem to favor endorsing men.  There are some great candidates and in Georgia, they endorsed all the Republican men running for governor and not the Republican woman:

Georgia Right to Life picks a fight with Karen Handel

5:11 pm June 3, 2010, by Jim Galloway

“GRTL’s real problem with Karen is twofold: First, they disagree with her stance regarding exceptions to an abortion ban in cases of rape and incest.

Secondly, Karen opposes the group’s push to ban invitro fertilization, which has helped so many couples realize their dream of having children. The group has proposed legislation to virtually eliminate invitro.”

What’s going on in your state? Do our Girlfriends think this is disturbing?  Is the trend bothering you?

Full Disclosure: I am a registered Republican, but don’t always follow the party line.  I look at the whole candidate.