Another “Crazy Wingnut Woman” for President?

February 3, 2011 0

That’s “journalist”, Ed Bray’s headline for his very insightful story about Republican women, or as he says, “this gaggle of crazy women” who are rumored to be running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.  […]


October 12, 2010 0

For years, the National Organization for WOMEN (NOW) has hidden behind the abortion issue as when handing out candidate endorsements, but one day after a staffer for California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown suggested calling […]

Give Women An Inch and They Take a Whole Country

September 23, 2010 0

Switzerland had to be dragged up the steps of equality, kicking and screaming before it finally had a federal referendum allowing women’s suffrage in 1971. Although some cantons allowed women’s suffrage prior to that, much […]

FROM THE VAULT: John Glenn Sucks

September 10, 2010 0

“My mother could probably pass the physical exam that they give preseason for the Redskins, but I doubt if she could play too many games for them.” John Glenn, (July 18, 1962) testimony before the […]

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