University of Maryland’s Lacrosse Mean Girls Still on Team

The University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC) suspended five women on the Lacrosse team indefinitely because of “threats” made in a Groupme chat. The problem is they weren’t threats. The chat. now made public,is just that, a Chat and no one would have been the wiser had 12 pages of text not been shared with the Baltimore Post-Examiner with the following letter:

“To Whom it May Concern,

We wanted to make sure you were aware of the extreme situation at UMBC concerning the women’s lacrosse team. It is an appalling situation of a jealous older group threatening and carrying out threats of harm against the freshmen class. There are many details and layers to this horrific situation but this all stems from players that were recruited and promised playing time by the former head coach taking out their lack of success on the current coach and “his first recruiting class” the current freshmen.

The only thing as upsetting as the actions of the older players is the actions (rather failed actions) of the UMBC athletic and school admin to protect our girls. They have become so concerned with how the information (chats) got out that they have totally lost focus on the victims. The older players temporarily suspended were even

allowed to come to the game this past Wed against Drexel and cheer when a freshmen was knocked to the ground. They are still at the school and the school has said they CAN’T protect or daughters. Well, yes they could. A dismissal, which is what should have happened, would allow for arresting them if they continue to trespass on UMBC property.

The head coach is the only one showing any concern for these girls safety. He has kept them out of contact at practices which is the only thing he can control. The school officials have not expressed any real concern for the safety of the freshman players.

Attached are messages received between the members of the team who are not freshman. They show the harsh words and violence threatened against the freshman class. They also show their “at all costs” mentality to get the current coach fired.

Please help us and do what you do best, expose this story to the masses so we can get some justice.”


Seeking Justice

The conversation was among players who shared a deep hatred for freshman recruits that were taking up their playing time. According to the newspaper, “‘In one text, a player asked if she can just threaten the freshmen. That triggered the response from another player, ‘Can we just kill them?’ To which another replied, ‘I’ll pitch in.'”

Below are the few texts revealed by the online news site:mackenzie Reese

Amber KovalickAmber Kovalick: “Today ****** was about to shoot an 8 meter and I was playing defense on her and I said some shit like oh fuck yeah and I didn’t even remotely try to check her stick, I tried to fucking swipe that bitch’s head off.”

Mackenzie Reese: “I’m only aiming for her fucking shins and then I’ll aim for her ***** fucking hair and head and we all know that head of hers is worthless anyway.”

Alyssa Semones: “And, if and when, we need to kill her.”

Meghan Milani: “Take down the coaches. Kill the freshman.”Alyssa Semones

Brittany Marquess

The players were eventually suspended from play after one of the head coaches, Tony Giro, “Tony Giro, refused to attend the Drexel game unless the administration removed the players accused of threatening the freshmen from the team, parents said.  Co-head coach Amy Appelt coached the players,” says the article. The suspension was instituted just one hour before the game last Wednesday against Drexel. According to witnesses, the group sat in the stands and clapped when fellow teammates were knocked down. They did win the game with freshman leading the way and adding to an overall 4-3 record.

At this time, the girls are still on the team. I guess we need to stop pointing fingers at the NBA and NFL now.