A Veteran is Trying to Tell You Something. Will You Help?

We are just four days from Veteran’s Day, one of the most important days we celebrate in America. It is squashed between Halloween and Thanksgiving and is typically remembered only by a trip to an empty mailbox and a wracking of the brain, “Why didn’t we get mail today?”

Veterans Day memorializes the cease fire of World War I, “The Great War,” on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. By the end of the war, 116,516 U.S. Soldiers and Marines had sacrificed their lives for our freedom. It was nothing compared to what World War II would take, 405,399 – 297 U.S. Soldiers died every day. The Korean War extinguished 36,516 of our bravest lives, we lost 58,209 heroes to Vietnam and today’s count of our Fallen Heroes in the War on Terror is 6,812.

On October 1st, I received a private email from a Veteran through Me and My 1000 Girlfriend’s, That’s Who! Facebook account. He asked me for my help. His request is for an impartial investigation into employment related issues when he was a U.S. Airman at Ellsworth AFB. He’s not alone.  This is my gift to him for sacrificing his life for me and my family. Please join me.