Rolling Stone’s Cover is an American Tragedy

I guess when you see one document written using a quill pen, they’re hard to tell apart. “We the People” isn’t that far from “When in the course of human events.” But the former is the opening to the U.S. Constitution and the latter to the Declaration of Independence – the document that John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress signed on July 4, 1776. In fact, Hancock was the only signer that day. The others signed later.

So what do you think about Rolling Stone’s April 24th cover of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who stars in the HBO’s original series VEEP? Did the art director mean to mix up John Hancock’s signature with the U.S. Constitution or was he making a point about America’s lack of political affairs and our disgust with the entire system?



The cover comes on the heels of tax day, a time when the many Americas are calling for an end to the ridiculousness that is 501(c)(4)s or 501(c)(5)s depending on the industry. Basically lobbying group who influence law are considered non-profit and pay no taxes on donations. Can you believe that, especially as we pay out the ear! Yes, groups put on political debates, donate to one specific party and are rarely reprimanded or challenged over their status, but times are changing.

I spoke with a media spokesperson from the IRA yesterday who suggested that perhaps there is more to come. And not a moment too soon. Bring back ethics and integrity!