Florida House Speaker Tweets to Woman Gubernatorial Candidate She’s a Joke

I was born and raised in Florida. My father was involved in Florida politics most of my young life. In the early days, there were giants among men, real lawmakers. Today, they’re what my father would call a bunch of punks. Florida’s Speaker of the House sets a culture in the legislature that only a grand wizard would love. His sociopathic¬† tendencies are on display so often that even he doesn’t realize he’s forgotten that he’s supposed to be the “Christian” father of three girls praying for “wisdom and courage” as he typically portrays himself in publications like The Florida Baptist Witness. But devils have a way of forgetting themselves when they are so intent on spearing someone as Weatherford did tonight to Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Nan Rich on Twitter.

nan rich

Weatherford’s tweet to former State Senator Nan Rich, “Are you still running,” is disrespectful and demeaning. He should be ashamed of his behavior. He is supposed to represent the State of Florida. He should be censured. Today, he showed his ass. I’m tired of seeing politician’s asses on social media. Weatherford is a worm. Call out the vultures!

Yes! Nan Rich is running. And, when she wins for Governor of Florida, I hope she squashes you like the cockroach that you are! Women stick together when men like you try to devalue us. I used to be a Republican. My dad was a Republican. I quit the party because of men like you. Keep it up and we’ll all be independent.