When Violence Against Women is Ignored

I’m a big supporter of Pussy Riot. I don’t understand their music, even when it’s translated, but their courage is intoxicating. If you don’t know much about them, I encourage you to read more.  This past week, after traveling around the U.S. speaking about for human rights, they returned to their homeland of Russia during the Sochi games. As usual, they used the worldwide attention to sing one of their songs (in Russian) and were met with violence by the Cossacks, Russians from an area of the country that seem to work as “muscle” for Putin. They immediately, in front of Russian TV cameras and the world, began to strike the women (and one man) with their fists and whips. I was slightly shocked that the men would do this so openly, but when I read Fox News’ note of warning on their page, I began to wonder if violence against women was so mainstream that it no longer warrants a single reference. Fox News does caution viewers against one thing (if you speak Russian…)