Does this Photo Provide a Clue to Atlanta’s Snow #Fail?

atlanta snow press conference


The press conference in Atlanta on Wednesday was brutal for everyone involved, notwithstanding those of us who remember  the last ice storm of 2011 when Governor Deal announced changes to better handle inclement weather…for the next time. WGCL wrote:

“The Department of Transportation had been in charge of response in the past. Now, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency is in charge.

In 2011, Deal said, “I think we all have been tested in this crisis and that we learned some things. The real test is, can we take what we’ve learned and make sure the next time we are presented with anything close to that that the results are better?”‘

 It wasn’t the jurisdiction that needed changing. Take one look at the picture above and you see one big gap in the brain trust of Georgia’s emergency response plan.

A woman.

As long as women are shut out of leadership positions, things will be missed. It’s not about equality anymore; it’s about bringing in different perspectives and innovative thinking. A woman would have considered the school closings. She would have imagined the exodus needed to pick up children from school and the necessity of getting to several locations to facilitate an exit plan.

The entire nation is laughing at Georgia, but we don’t see the humor. The picture above is why Georgia failed to secure a proper plan to better protect its citizens AGAIN. It’s time we started insisting on women occupying 50 percent of all political appointee positions.  Let’s start with the head of GEMA who announced during the press conference that he didn’t see any problem on Tuesday afternoon.