Forget the sexist; Find me those shoes!

It was probably the snarky tweet that landed Kanteron CEO, Jorge Cortell, in hot water recently, but the accompanying twitpic didn’t help:



#brainsnotrequired was a pretty mean hashtag. Someone must follow that hashtag, because I have to assume that it wasn’t one of Cortell’s 330 followers that retweeted his comment and unleashed the rath of social media upon him.

But let’s step back for a minute and really take a good hard look at this. Now, what are you thinking? I’m pretty sure I’m thinking it too…those shoes are GORGEOUS! Has anyone tracked down the wearer? Could it be that the shoes are one-of-a-kind and the designer is looking for some capital!

Cortell’s business is creating open source programs for sharing information. The unnamed fabulous shoe wearer already tells me she has great taste, is well off (that shoe has to cost at least $500) and she’s making sure she’s head and shoulders above the male-dominated group of presenters looking for a cash infusion. The shoe industry is a 48 billion dollar industry. Open source, not quite 48 billion, more like free.

In today’s world, you need to follow the money and it’s usually being spent and expenses are drive by women. So stop looking at my shoes. If you want to get rich, you’ll want to get to know my buying habits. And shoes are more important than food. #mypurseisbigger