Talk is cheap. What are you offering?

November 26, 2013 0

If the UN can pull off one giant event every International End Violence Against Women Day on November 25th, then that would be worth opening the flood gates and reminding all women of the violence that is suffered by our sisters everywhere on a daily basis. […]

Workplace Bullying 4X More Likely Than Sexual Harassment

November 17, 2013 0

It did “win” her over, but the cost was truly extortion, even if the boss didn’t ask for it. Her dismissal of my friend’s work and constant suggestion that her division was on the chopping block was a sick way her boss fulfilled her insecurity and she did it at the company’s cost. […]

Crazy Stories About Women

November 15, 2013 0

In my ongoing series – Crazy Stories About Women – you’ll find there is no shortage of content.  But, hopefully, each one will provide some insight into how women are doing in our crazy society […]

What Really Happened to Renisha McBride

November 9, 2013 0

Close your eyes and imagine that one week ago today you got the call that your beautiful, sweet daughter had been shot in the face. She’s dead. It is the nightmare from which no parent ever awakes. […]

Forget the sexist; Find me those shoes!

November 7, 2013 0

It was probably the snarky tweet that landed Kanteron CEO, Jorge Cortell, in hot water recently, but the accompanying twitpic didn’t help:   #brainsnotrequired was a pretty mean hashtag. Someone must follow that hashtag, because […]

After Election Day, Cities are Falling

November 6, 2013 0

That cold chill you’re feeling isn’t fall, that’s hell freezing over. How can I be sure? Because the small city of Kennesaw, just outside Atlanta, has just elected another woman to its city council bringing the total number of women to two on a board of six including the mayor. History is made! […]