Do You Think Slutty Wednesday Will Catch On?

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“We work our asses off here, and school is about learning. Clothing is not important,” said ninth-grader Lucy Greider, who said she has been sent to the office 10 times this school year for showing off too much cleavage, midriff or shoulder.

I’m trying to imagine a young Susan B. Anthony participating in “Slutty Wednesdays.” It’s hard for me to understand why some 100 girls decided to protest for the right to dress like “sluts.”  The protests are the result of what the Post calls the “school’s conservative dress code — which bans the exposure of shoulders, midriffs, lower backs, bras and undies.”

I’m not sure barring the exposure of undies and bras is conservative. I find it so hard to understand this overt revolution of girls showing off their bodies with cheap t-shirts and wedgie-prone shorts. Even beyond the fact that it does nothing for a girl’s figure, it doesn’t even look good. Take a look at the girls in the Post photo. The girl on the left, who was quoted in the article (see above), looks like she needs a shower and clean clothes.
I especially love the part about working their “asses off,” (OMG, I’m crying.) Stuyvesant promotes the fact that the school focuses on math and science and suggests that only brilliant kids attend.  They may need to add English to their studies. Surely someone who is brilliant can offer an intelligent quote sans the word “asses.” That is so common and overused by not so smart kids.
How smart are the Stuyvesant students? There is a long list of successful alumi, even four that earned Nobel Prizes:

Joshua Lederberg (1941) – Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1958;  Robert Fogel (1944) – Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, 1993; Roald Hoffmann(1954) – Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1981; Richard Axel (1963) – >Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 2004,

Hmmm…I don’t see any women on this list.
So congratulations Lucy Grieder for showing the world that book smarts can’t give you class. You still have to earn it.